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Terrestrial Digital TV installations (DVB-T) are spreading more & more, and even the digital terrestrial radio (DAB) is becoming more widespread in many countries. New in the digital broadcast landscape is TV supply to handheld devices (DVB-H) combining two media which have been extremely successful in the past. Regular DVB-H services are expected to operate until 2006 in Germany and other countries.

Common to all three systems is the wireless terrestrial digital transmission, where the transmission occurs from antenna towers or masts. Reception should be possible everywhere with all these systems, even mobile reception eg in cars, on busses.

The applied technology is based on a quite common multi-carrier transmission system called COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex). COFDM transmission systems feature quite a lot of advantages, one of them is redeeming unsupported spots with GapFillers. GapFiller in this context means amplification and transmission devices, operating on the currently used frequency. GapFiller installations require detailed parameter settings in terms of amplification and delay setting in order to be beneficial in the transmission network. Inappropriate GapFiller settings may lead to distortions in the network. The latter is the reason that Gap Filler applications are not as wide spread as expected.

This is exactly where DGF-Consult comes in. We provide support in Digital GapFiller Technologies which may be advantageous in any DAB, DVB-T, or DVB-H transmission network.